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Studio Hektor Werios |

Studio Hektor Werios

The studio is located in a beautiful, peaceful and warm place called "Wielowieś" - where we welcome all those, who want to let their imagination run free and wild and to get away from the city noise. One can do something, what he or she always dreamt about but felt ashamed to even mention about it ;). Here you can find unique opportunity to be yourself or somebody else - your choice. We are so much open to Your ideas and creativity, that we may loose our logical thinking of what is right and what is not. That is right our goal, so to give you something outstanding and lasting in your memory - the unusal places and our photography. We will spend many hours working together and we will get really thirsty and hungry. However we can easily manage it, cause we can have a bite or even more and that definitely won't be a ready-meal from supermarket warmed-up in a microwave but a true, full-blown meal in the "Oaza" restaurant!  :)

Our fellow photographer: Hektor Werios is an artist from space. He claims to stay on Earth only in between space journeys ;)

Photography - individual, group, wedding photography, photo shoots sessions, kids photos, pregnancy photos, portfolio, and so on

Vampires ad ghosts

Photographer - Hector Werios

Aktor D. Chwedorowicz

Aktor K. Wysłucha

Babski Comber ZABAWA

Babski Comber 2

Photography - Hector Werios

Art - Photography

Photographer art - Hector Werios

Session art Wedding

Half-serious 2012

Photography: Hektor Werios

Makeup Magdalena Rekus

Photography - Hektor Werios

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