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Our History |

Our History

Gabriela Jendrysik was raised in a small village of Świba.

Gabriela Jendrysik

She grew up in a family of gardeners, for which she owes her passion for flower arrangements. After graduation from school in 1993 she decided to open her own florist workshop.

It turned up to be a good idea. The florist shop started to make good profits. However some problems with the property arised and she got interested in another property right next to her, which unfortunately had already a buyer. As a matter of luck that buyer changed his mind on the very day he was to sign the agreement.

There used to be a farm settled in this XIX century building, together with a wedding room. After the World War II the old "Oaza" restaurant started to run, where also the weddings where held. The property had many tenants through the years and as result of that the building and its sorroundings were in a very bad condition.

Huge amount of work required to restore it to its original splendor did not discourage the young lady and so the house with a great spirit became her own.
The plan was to make it a harmonious place, where the vision sense (e.g. decoration) would be treated equally with other senses: taste, smell, colour and sound. These qualities makes every wedding party exceptional.

Restoration of the restaurant was a big feat, but with a help from her husband and family the dream came true. She moved her florist shop to one of the rooms in the first place. A dancing room was made after that, where the first event was held on the 2nd on May in 1999. The first wedding reception organized was for her own wedding - Gabriela and Lucjan. A new room for OCCASION parties was open later on.

In order to keep up with current trends and expectations Gabriela Jendrysik created a romantic and enchanting garden, where the newly-wed may have wedding photo shots. There is a well organized car park for your comfort. There is also a terrace to relax and rest.

The time flies and there have already been several hundrets of wedding receptions and OCCASION parties organized. After some years she embarked on a new challenge and she restored this property anew. A true fireplace room came into existence at this time, with magnificent interior lit by crystal chandeliers, which is also ready for your party.

However that is certainly not the last word of the owner Gabriela Jendrysik.