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Our flavors |

Our flavors

"The sense of taste is a very old, primary sense, which allows finding appropriate food"

The best quality, traditional recipes, carefully selected ingredients and great customer care are the primary qualities of "Oaza", which have already become highly regarded by many of our Guests. All dishes are prepared from the basic ingredients in the restaurant kitchen. Besides the traditional dishes we make also roast pork legs and a delicacies buffet.

 We do bake wedding and occasion cakes, desert cakes, "kołacz" a traditional Silesian cake and biscuits.

We do also bake homemade traditional "szpajza" cake in different flavors for special order.

- one of our fellow cooks is forming delicious Silesian dumplings, using our self-grown potatoes

- anothor one is adopting all the best from old recipes to create wonderful baked goods with homemade jams in it.

- we make all the jams and fruit mousses in the summer season, for later use with the cakes and ice-creams

- we pickle our self-grown cucumbers, zucchinis (aka courgette) and peppers so that You can easily enjoy them

- we make pickled cabbage during autumn season, so that our Guests can enjoy the famous dishes like "bigos", cabbage with mushrooms, croquettes

The bowls with dishes are decorated with herbs, which come from our own garden :)