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(regular) menu

Diner comes first

Soups to choose from:

  • amber-like bouillon with lovage and sunk pasta
  • "Żur śląski" a traditional Silesian soup made with smoked meat
  • mushroom sauce with toasts and parsley

For the second course...

  • golden-like duck
  • Silesian roll accompanied by bacon, cucumber and onion
  • chicken breast sprinkled with cream
  • roast meat pickled overnight with vegetables
  • white dumplings and brown (includes grated potatoes) dumplings
  • gravy whitened with cream
  • red cabbage of a traditional Silesian flavour
  • white cabbage fried with mushrooms and onion
  • seasonal salad

Sweet deserts

  • tea and coffee
  • ice-cream topped with whipped cream and fruits
  • traditional shortbread made according to old recipies with marmalade filling
  • chocolate layered waffers
  • "Szplitry francuskie" lemon covered buscuits
  • nut biscuits
  • milk cupcakes with an almond scent
  • plate full of fruits


  • roman roast meat topped with garlic sauce
  • steamed beef tenderloin with green pepper
  • kabanos (sausage) made from boar
  • a plate of selected ham
  • cheese board accompanied by eggs stuffed with mushrooms
  • herring in spicy water
  • Mexican style chicken
  • chopped wegetables dipped in cream
  • cold jellied chicken in the old style

Something warm

  • pies with french pastry

Delightful afternoon tea

  • tea or coffee
  • wedding cake ( you may order extra cakes )
  • dessert cakes ( packed on request )

When the party is fully started... the first supper

  • white meat covered with camembert
  • pork shoulder steak
  • roast leg of a young chicken
  • mushroom sauce garnished with parsley
  • "szpecle" in spinach sauce
  • dumplings garnished with bacon and
  • french fries
  • iceberg lettuce with vinaigrette sauce or carrot with apple - one to choose

When you need a rest... the second supper

  • pork chops rolled in bread crumbs
  • beef tongue steam with butter
  • chicken "szaszłyk"
  • ruby like betroot soup

To choose from

  • young vegetables
  • tortelini salad
  • vegetable salad

The third supper at last

to choose from

  • "bogracz" meat soup
  • beef tripe soup
  • mince meat balls in béchamel sauce
  • "gołąbki" with tomatoes

A delicacy (for special request)

  • flambéed pork leg
  • groats with mushrooms or a cabbage with potatoes